A Little Isolated At Times

Managed to snag a phone number in a bar last night. Haven’t done that in awhile, but somehow was able to ask without my voice cracking or giving her too many easy outs.


The hardest parts of my days don’t have anything to do with work. I get home around 530pm local, which translates back to 230am Chicago, and leaves me without anyone (Lydia) to talk to on IM. I didn’t really realize how much I depended on the IM and instant Twitter gratification, but I do. Really does make those evenings feel terribly isolating at times.

I need a crew.

Not likely to happen overnight, but mixing it up with a meal that isn’t eaten alone or with a coworker (delightful people, but you know what I mean) every now and again might be nice.

Part of this is probably that I’m in Brisbane for my longest stretch so far without shipping off to Jabiru. It is a little easier to forget loneliness when the scenery keeps changing, you know?

Still no regrets. Just knowledge that it’s self investment and improvement that is going to make the difference in the long run. Online dating, approaching people in public (hello anxiety), and not worrying on rejection represent a good start.

And hey, if I can get an attractive woman to give me her phone number instead of an excuse, I might do alright at this.

(side note: T-Minus eight days until I have broadband wifi again. Praise Jeebus.)

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2 Responses to “A Little Isolated At Times”

  1. F-Train Says:

    Who knew you started blogging again? I will be reading with all due attention.

  2. Pura Vida Says:


    BG, it’s time to dial those digits.

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